Anthony R. Stefan Scholarship Competition

The League of the Schenectady Symphony Orchestra will once again be sponsoring its annual Anthony Stefan Competition. The competition is held in honor of former SSO conductor and concertmaster Anthony R. Stefan. He assumed the directorship of the orchestra in 1940 and he remained conductor until Charles Schneider assumed the baton in the orchestra’s 50th season. Stefan was a true Schenectadian. He began violin lesson in Schenectady at the age of seven and his studies took him from Schenectady to Albany and finally to Europe where he studied at the Conservatory of Music in Budapest. Upon his return to Schenectady he immersed himself in the musical life of the area, playing, performing and teaching. He taught privately as well as at several area public schools. He was also on the faculty at Skidmore College for several years. As conductor of the orchestra his untiring effort and devotion greatly contributed to the success of the SSO.
It is with his spirit of dedication to excellence in music that we hold this competition.
1) The auditions are open to students of orchestral instruments (excluding piano) in grades nine through twelve, who reside in the area served by the Schenectady Symphony Orchestra or who support the orchestra by working with it or attending performances. Any previous first place winner is ineligible.

2) Audition- Participants will present two contrasting selections or parts thereof, preferably by different composers. Total playing time of the two pieces shall not exceed 10 minutes. Students should either time their selections appropriately or  indicate to the volunteer timer to stop them at 10 minutes. This audition will be held on Saturday April 29th beginning at 9:00 am at Schenectady County Community College’s Music Building.

3) There will be two monetary awards, which are to be used by the recipients for further study or the purchase of a musical instrument. $1000 for first place and $500 for second place,

4) The two award winners will be expected to play at the Spring Musicale and Annual Meeting of the League of the Schenectady Symphony Orchestra in May.

5) If you wish to have an accompanist (not required) it is the responsibility of the participant to hire one. If assistance is needed, contact MaryAnn Gulyas.

6) Contestants must bring a copy of their selections for the judges. (Originals only please)

8) All special requests regarding audition times must be received well in advance. Also please inform us in advance if you require a second music stand, handicapped access, extra set up time. etc.

9) APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications must be received by April 15th 2017.

For further information contact MaryAnn Gulyas at


1998 Jonathan Chu Anthony R. Stefan Scholarship Competition 1st place

1998 Jonathan Chu
Anthony R. Stefan Scholarship Competition
1st place

Previous Winners

Felice Kuan 1999 Anthony R. Stefan Scholarship Competition 3rd place

Felice Kuan
1999 Anthony R. Stefan Scholarship Competition
3rd place


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