In concert with the community for 82 years!

Thank you to all our members – our musicians, our donors, our volunteers, our advertisers, our subscribers and our audience members!

As 2015 draws to a close, we are very grateful for the tremendous support shown by you, our patrons and donors. We are proud to be part of a vibrant classical tradition in the Capital Region, which offers an abundance of performing groups.

For eight decades, the Schenectady Symphony has celebrated the importance of providing high-quality live performances of classical music to audiences here in the region. What’s unique about the SSO is that it’s your friends and neighbors onstage.

In a world increasingly filled with recorded music on demand, the SSO remains committed to providing a venue in which serious musicians, professional and amateur, can take part in creating the beauty of a live work of art for their community.

Without your support, we would simply cease to exist. And we believe that Schenectady and the region would be a poorer place for the lack of an institution such as ours.

Thank you.

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