Make Your Mark – Recruiting Teams

It only takes one person to inspire hundreds — that’s the power behind being a team captain. As a team captain you become a leader in a movement towards a world celebrating the power of art to inspire.

Forming or joining a team is a great way to experience an event! The camaraderie and support you’ll feel from the rest of your team is like no other. By forming a team during the registration process, you will become the designated team captain and will be in charge of rallying the troops for the big day. They need not be competitive runners – walkers and joggers are welcome.

Follow these steps below to get started today!

Beat Beethoven! Team Captain Checklist:
Just Begin!
Register first in order to create the team. It’s easy! Enlist your colleagues, friends and family members. Recruit more people to the team. They can register by clicking “Join a Team” and searching for your team name.

Team members can be anybody — family members, friends, co-workers, or even neighbors. Whether you’re a corporate team or a friends and family team, just be sure to ask everyone you know. Remember team captains must register themselves first and create a team before team members are able to join or register.

Forward along to your team members any pertinent information that you get from the Schenectady Symphony Orchestra regarding team/fundraising contests, event details, and your team ranking.

Plan and share day of event details.
Are you meeting somewhere special? Are you wearing team jerseys or coordinated outfits? Send the details to your team members so they feel included and can have as much fun as possible on event weekend!

Be bold! The first step is to ask. Enthusiasm and spirit are contagious — your friends and family will want to join the movement when they see how committed and excited you are.

Think outside your neighborhood. Use this experience as a meaningful reason to reunite friends and family who live around the nation. They can train at their homes, and then join you here on the day of the event. Keep each other motivated by e-mail or phone or surprise each other by sending care packages. A reunion on the day of the event can create a special memory!

Some ideas that work well for teams:

Throw a team challenge party. You can each take on a task, such as food or decorations, sending the invites or hosting.

Set up an informational meeting at your company: Invite your co-workers to be a part of your corporate team by donating, volunteering or participating. Don’t forget to invite the CEO of your company to get involved with the team. When the boss gets involved, everyone else will want to join you. A representative from the SSO would be happy to speak at your meeting to discuss the event and share the mission of the Orchestra

One of the biggest perks to forming a team is that you already have training partners. It’s much harder to bypass training, hit the snooze alarm or go for doughnuts when someone is counting on you to help them train. Training as a team keeps the momentum going and helps you support each other every step of the way.

Have Fun! 
Team awards, including Beat Team T-Shirt are only part of the rewards.  Being on a team is an opportunity to share a great experience with friends, family members or coworkers.

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