The League of the Schenectady Symphony Orchestra


Anthony Bellino,
2nd place Anthony R. Stefan Scholarship Competition


The League of the Schenectady Symphony began in 1956 as a volunteer service organization to aid the Schenectady Symphony. Now, more than five decades later, there are about 200 members working together to foster interest in and support of the Orchestra.  Through membership dues and contributions by members, as well as such fund-raising activities as the Annual Fashion Show, the League hosts the Stefan Scholarship Competition and supports the SSO financially.  In addition, members support the orchestra through concert previews and receptions.


Cicely Parnas,
1st place, Anthony R. Stefan Scholarship Competition

Leo Brown

Leo Brown,
1st place, Anthony R. Stefan Scholarship Competition














2018-2019 Season


Committee Chairpersons

Nancy Ottati – President
Sylvia Lange – 1st Vice-President
Carolyn Montorio –  2nd Vice President
Mardy Moore, Recording Secretary
Ruth Gilbert, Corresponding Secretary
Connie Hayner, Treasurer
Suzanne Taylor, Assistant Treasurer

Advisors – Marie Gorman & Bonnie Daggett

Annual Meeting, Bonnie Daggett
Benefit, Gail Puckette                                         Fashion Show, Loretta Moore, Suzie Stenson & Sylvia Anapolis
ByLaws, Joann Paulsen
Yearbook, Connie Hayner
Publicity, Ann Phaup-Phillips
Stefan Scholarship, MaryAnn Gulyas
Judges, Pat Goins
Scholarship Committee:  Marie Gorman, Rith Gilbert, Ellen & John Hubbard, Marge Maas, Suzanne Mason, Mardy Moore, Helle Moore, Elaine Springsted
Special Projects: Bonnie Daggett, Marie Gorman,  Sylvia Lange, Carloyn Montorio, Joann Paulsen, Suzanne Mason, Mary Myers, Mardy Moore, Jean Wilkinson
Liaison to Board of the Orchestra, Susan Schultz
Telephone/Emails, Dolores Krauss

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